Beauty in Every Detail

Come, be a part of Dolphin Cove, where luxury meets coastal paradise. Let us redefine your definition of home, where every day feels like a vacation and where cherished memories are waiting to be made. Discover the art of living well at Dolphin Cove—your sanctuary by the sea.

  • Entrance

    Access-controlled swing gates at the entrance, featuring decorative aluminum motorized swing gates with a dolphin theme. A tall column will be situated where the gates come together, between the entrance and exit lanes. An access control pedestal will be located on the left side of the entrance lane.

  • Clubhouse and Amenities

    A clubhouse will be present, offering a well-equipped gym with Zwift compatible treadmills and bicycles. The clubhouse will also include a pool table, poker table, indoor gathering area with couches, and a large-screen TV. Restrooms and showers will be available. The exterior of the clubhouse on the pool side will feature a covered gathering area with tables and chairs. An outdoor kitchen area with a prep counter, sinks, grill, refrigerator, and a large-screen TV will be included.

  • Streets and Homes

    The streets will be made of brick pavers with an eight-inch flat concrete border/curb. There will be four homes on the left side of the street, six homes on the right side, and four homes on the water at the end of the street. The minimum home size will be 3,500 square feet, and each home will be required to have three levels, including the ground level. The homes will be raised beach-style homes with two parking garages under the first floor. Grass and landscaping will be present in the middle of the two driveways and the yards. A perimeter fence will run behind the homes for the entire length of the property.